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Operation Dinosaurs!

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Operation Dinosaurs! The Silly Skill Game

The Dinosaurs have escaped... Can you help get them back under control?

Can you pick-up the walkie-talkie, so you are able to radio for help? Or maybe the bait, so you can use it to distract the angry dinos?

Remember, don't set off the buzzer and draw the attention to yourself!

Turn over a card, to see what you need to retrieve from the enclosure. Every item you retrieve without sounding the buzzer earns you points, and the player with the most points wins!


  • Gameboard with Dinosaurs scene and tweezers.
  • 11 plastic funatomy pieces and 18 game cards.
  • Storage Drawer and Instructions.
  • 1+ Player Game.
  • Suitable from age 6+ (Adult supervision Required)


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